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Date: 21/10/2009


Interphase Between Orthodontics and Bone Induction


Prof. Dr. Abo Bakr Rabie

Director of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Hong Kong University.


Conference Hall, Dental Educational Hospital.



01- Differential torque control and gingival margins:

This part of the presentation deals with applying palatal root torque on ectopically erupting canines to increase the width of the attached gingival and the thickness of the labial plate of bone prior to extrusion of the canine.


02- Regional regeneration of the periodotium in periodontally involved teeth with sever bone loss:

In this case we had to intrude the teeth first to change the topography of the defect where we create deep and narrow defect with a vertical bony wall. Within five weeks of the orthodontic intrusion, regenerative procedure using bone inductive matrices to regenerate the periodontium.


03- Auto-transplantation of wisdom teeth with developing roots into the place of the horizontally impacted second molars:

The horizontally impacted second molar defect is causing resorptive defect on the distal root surface of the first molar leading to bone loss. Regeneration of the bone height and the periodontium could be redeveloped as the root of the auto transplanted wisdom tooth develops.

These auto-transplanted teeth could be then moved orthodontically as a natural tooth.

The advantages of the auto-transplantation over the uprighting of the horizontally impacted second molar are:-

1- Less time consumption.

2- Regeneration of the periodontium on the distal root of the first molar.


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