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January, 2009



Use of Osseointegrated Implants to Retain Obturators of Edentulous Patients.


Pages 1-8


Ashraf Abdel Monaem and Khaled Shaker


Management of Aphthous Ulceration with Topical Quercetin.


Pages 9-15


Ahmed Abd El-Meguid Mostafa And Mohamed Abd El-Moneam Ibrahem


Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Partially Edentulous Bruxing Patients Using Dental Implants.


Pages 17-24


Ashraf Abdmoem Amer and Ehab M. Abuelroos


Periodontal Condition and Its Relationship to Knowledge and Behavior among Young Saudi Students.


Pages 25-33


Jamila MA Farsi


Assessment of Bone Healing in Large Bony Defects After Enucleation of Jaw Cysts Without Using any Graft Material Using Direct Digital Radiography and C.T. Scan (Clinical Study).


Pages 35-42


Hanan Mohamed Shokier and Ghada Amin Khalifa


Long Term Follow Up for Closed Technique of Sinus Lift with Simultaneous Implantation with and without Grafting Using Direct Digital Radiography and CT Scan.


Pages 43-52


Hanan M.R Shokier and Naglaa Shawky


Smile Perception in Dentistry.


Pages 53-60


Abdul-Haq A. Suliman and Rawhi H Al-Qaisi


Immediate Implants in Lower Posterior Teeth with Bone Subistitute and Guided Tissue Membrane.


Pages 61-67

  Tamer N. Mohamed, Abd El Salam B. Younis and Basma G. Moussa


PCR Detection of the Soluble Receptor for the Advanced Glycosylated End Products (sRAGE) in the Gingival Tissues of Diabetic Patients Affected by Chronic Periodontitis.


Pages 69-82


Mohamed Abdel Moniem Ebrahem


The Dual Role of SS 1, 3 Glucan in Immunomodulation and Chemo/Radio Protection.


Pages 83-96


Dalia H. El Rouby, Maha H. Bashir, and Nehad S. Taha


Management of Severely Resorbed Ridge Using Ridge Splitting Techniques with Simultaneous Implantation.


Pages 97-103


Ehab Abuelroos and Hanan Shokier


The Role of Information Technology in Medical and Patient Education.


Pages 105-108


Ahmed Al-Barrak and Hanan Al-Ghammas


Glass Ionomer and Bacterial Mutagenic Effects-Antibiogram Screening.


Pages 109-114


Abdallah Ibn Sharrad Abdallah and Mohammed Hussain Issa


Periodontal Therapy Causes Upregulation Of The plasma Soluble Receptor For The Advanced Glycosylated End Products (sRAGE) In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.


Pages 115-127


Mohamed Abdel Moniem Ebrahem


Lead in Teeth and Mental Retardation.


Pages 129-132


Jassim K. AL-Ajzan and Akram Y. Yasear


Survival and Complication Rates of Combined Tooth-Implant-Supported Removable Partial Overdentures.


Pages 133-138


Ehab M. Abuelroos


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