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Master’s Degree

Admission policy:

To enroll the student to obtain a master's degree, the following requirements are required:

  1. She/he holds a bachelor's degree in oral and dental surgery from a dental Faculty in the Arab Republic of Egypt or an equivalent degree (by the Supreme Council of Universities) from one of the recognized scientific institutes.

  2. To have a good general assessment and assessment of the subject of specialization is good at least.

  3. Have spent one year of experience after the compulsory year of training (internship).

  4. Approval of the student's employer to register for the master's degree as well as the branch of specialization as required by the employer to complete the student full discharge throughout the duration of the study.

  5. The applicant must submit an application including all the required documents in the name of the Dean of the Faculty during the period from the first of June to the end of the year to be registered. International students follow the rules applicable by the University regulations.

  6. To pass the English Language Proficiency Test (TOEFL) with a minimum of 450 credits or equivalent (IELET) at least seven (7) grades.

  7. Approval of the relevant department council.

  8. Payment of the tuition fees before the start of the study or according to the specified time and announcement in the faculty and excludes from this condition resident and scholarship students.


To obtain a master's degree in one of the branches of Oral Medicine and Dentistry the student must:

  1. Be devoted to studying the courses required in these Regulations.

  2. To pursue in an acceptable manner in all the courses stipulated in these regulations (according to different specialties), to achieve full attendance, and in special circumstances to accept forceful excuses such as sickness excuses within 25% after approval by the Faculty Council.

  3. Successfully pass all courses included in the credit hours system separately. The student is required to obtain 140 credits for three-year or 80 credits for two-year courses. The student obtains them through the study of basic and specialized subjects, basic research materials and elective materials.

  4. The student must submit all the practical requirements determined by the department council and submitted by the student in his/her log book. The supervision and signing of the cases should not be less than five faculty members in the department. (24%) of the final comprehensive exam.

  5. Preparation of a thesis from the research plan in a subject determined by the department council or carrying out a systematic review accompanied by meta analysis. The student is allowed to register the subject of the thesis starting from the date of approval by the faculty council. The student is allowed to discuss the thesis after one year from the date of approval by the faculty council to register the thesis project. In the case of carrying out systematic review, it is necessary to present the thesis to the Center of Evidence Based Dentistry to ensure that it meets the rules and standards before approving them and allocates 40 credits for the Master Thesis.


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