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May, 2008



Tooth Lost and Gingival Recessions as a Risk Factor of Khat Chewing in Yemen.


Pages 171-176


Mohammed Sultan, Khaled Abduosalam Alhadad and Fouad Alsanaban


Clinical Evaluation of Directly Pulp Capped Permanent Teeth with Glass Ionomer Materials.


Pages 177-185

  Hana M. Jamjoom


Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of the Filiform Papillae of the Egyptian Dog, Novel Observations.


Pages 187-197


Tarek A. Essawy


Compressive Strength of Gypsum Product with Various Sulfates.


Pages 199-203

  Rajesh Vyas, Moftah Ali Issaid, Badr A. Idris and Mohamed Hassan Elgetlawi


Sealing Ability of Different Obturation Techniques over Apically Separated Rotary Nickel Titanium Files.


Pages 205-209


Ahmed Nabil Hussein and Ashraf Zaazou


Cephalometric Evaluation of Maxillomandibular Relation Changes in Patients with Mandibular Immediate Denture and Immediate Overdentures


Pages 211-221


Ashraf A. Gebreel, Emiel AM Hanna and Ashraf Abdel Monaem


Electromyographic and Clinical Assessment of Different Abutment Tooth Designs of Tooth Supported Mandibular Overdentures.


Pages 223-231


Magdy Ead Mohamed EL Sayed, Rami Maher Ghali and Emiel AM Hanna


Effect of Bleaching Regimes on the Metal-ion Surface Level and Micro-structural Topography of Two Dental Amalgams.


Pages 233-243


Mai M. Yousry and Iman I. El-Sayad


The Effect of Reinforcement of High-Impactacrylic Resin with Zirconia on Some Physical and Mechanical Properties.


Pages 245-250


Neveen M. Ayad, Manal F. Badawi and Abdou A. Fatah


Residual Ridge Resorption as Related to Lingualized and Linear Occlusal Concepts in Immediately Loaded Implant with Mandibular Overdenture Cases (Comparative Study).


Pages 251-258


Hala Mohamed Abd ELhameed, Moataz M. El Mahdy and Sayed M. El Masry


Effect of the Curing Mode on the Clinical Performance and Properties of Acrylic Resin Overdenture Bases.


Pages 259-271


Nadia A. Badr, Amal M. Ibrahim and Gehan F. Mohamed


The Role of Torque Device in Implant Retained Mandibular Overdenture Prostheses (In-vivo and in-vitro study).


Pages 273-287


Amal M. Abdel Shafi and Gehan F. Mohamed


Prospective Clinical Evaluation of Mandibular Overdenture Utilizing Two Prefabricated Post Stud Attachments (Intraradicular and Extraradicular).


Pages 289-311


Gehan F. Mohamed


Clinical Evaluation of the Efficacy of Soft Acrylic Denture Compared to Conventional One When Restoring Severely Resorbed Edentulous Ridge.


Pages 313-333


Gehan F. Mohamed


The Effect of Occlusal Design on Muscle Activity in Implant Supported Mandibular Overdentures.


Pages 335-350


Hani Magdy Aziz, Mahmoud H.El Afandy and Magdy Ead Mohamed ELSayed


Marginal bone loss of Immediately Loaded Implant with Mandibular Overdenture Cases as related to Lingualized and Linear Occlusal Concepts (Comparative Study).


Pages 351-357


Hala Mohamed Abd ELhameed, Moataz M. El Mahdy and Sayed M. El Masry


The Effect of Combined Bleaching and Micro-Abrasion Therapies on the Interfacial Micro-Morphology and Shear bond Strength of Two Dental Adhesives to Human Enamel.


Pages 359-370


Maha Ahmed Niazy and Ahmed El-Sayed Salama


Modified Rotation Joint Connection Unite Versus Double Aker Clasp Used for Bracing of Maxillary Unilateral Free End Removable Partial Dentures (In Vitro Analysis of Stresses on Principle Abutments and Edentulous Ridge).


Pages 371-377


Salah AF Hegazy and Emiel AM Hanna


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