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May, 2009



Age Related Alterations of Gustatory Papillae in Armant Dogs. (Histological, Quantitative and Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies).


Pages 139-147


Tarek A. Essawy and Aliaa O. Lotfy


The Expression of Alpha-Smooth Muscle Actin (α-SMA) in Posterior Lingual Glands in Normal and Diabetic Rats.


Pages 149-157

  Tarek A. Essawy and Heba M. Hakam


Immunohistochemical Study of the Effect of Nigellasatival Extra action Chemotherapy Induced Oral Mucositis in Albino Rats.


Pages 159-166


Aliaa Omar Lotfy and Mohamed Zayed


Applicability of Determination of Gender from Odontometric Measurements of Canine Teeth in a Sample of Adult Egyptian Population.


Pages 167-180


Aliaa Omar and Sonia Azab


The Effect of Two Types of Attachments on the Bone Height Changes around Divergent Implants Retaining Mandibular Overdentures.


Pages 181-189


Amal M. Ibrahim and Iman A. W. Radi


Evaluation of Low–Profile Attachments for Implant–Retained Mandibular Overdentures in Restoring Cases with Limited Interarch Space.


Pages 191-203


Amal M. Ibrahim


Influence of Platform-Switching on Crestal Bone Changes at Non-Submerged Straight and Inclined Implants Retaining Mandibular Overdentures.


Pages 205-218


Amal M. Ibrahim


Evaluation of Some Factors That May Affect the Accuracy of Implant Transfer Impression.


Pages 219-226


Ashraf A. Amer and Dina H. Mostafa


Evaluation of Short Implants in the Rehabilitation of the Severely Resorbed Mandibular Edentulous Ridges.


Pages 227-233


Kariem El-Helow and Ashraf Abdel Monaem


The Effect of 5 Minute Whitening System (Hydrogen Peroxide Based) on Human Dental Pulp (Histologigal and Ultrastructural In Vivo Study).


Pages 235-243


Tarek A. Essawy and Nahed S. Korany


Fracture Strength and Microleakage of Laminate Veneers.


Pages 245-254


Abd-El Ghani Mirra and Salem El-Mahalawy


Evaluation of the Effect of Filler Size Loading, Storage Condition (Wet & Dry); and, Storage Time, on Color Change of Light Cured Composites.


Pages 255-262


Heba Bahgat Abdel-Mohsen, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel-Mohsen, Naguib Mahmoud Abou El-Enin, Ola Mohamed Ibrahim Fahmy and Ahmed Fawzy Abo-El- Ezz


The Effect of Surface Penetrating Sealants on Leakage Pattern of Class V Restorations with Different Locations of Cervical Cavity Margins.


Pages 263-279


Hanem Hamed Ahmed, Eman Ismail Mahmoud Fath El-Bab and Mohsen Hussein Abi El-Hassan


Effect of Ozonated Water on Marginal Integrity and Surface Topography of Class V Restorative System.


Pages 281-293


Rasha Hassan Aly, Rania Sayed Mosallam and Mohsen Hussein Abi Al Hassan


Exploring Periodnotitis among Pediatric Dental Patients in Minia, Egypt.


Pages 295-304


Nagwa M. Khattab


Enamel Morphological Changes and Cytokeratin14 Distribution in Ameloblasts of Diabetic Rats’ Mandibular Incisor.


Pages 305-316


Rania Mossad Hassan


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