Apply for postgraduate programs (Academic Year 2021/2022)



PhD. Degree

Admission policy:

To enroll the student to obtain a degree, the following requirements are required:

  1. She/he must have a master's degree in the same branch of specialization from one of the faculties of Dentistry in the Arab Republic of Egypt or an equivalent degree (by the Supreme Council of Universities) from one of the recognized faculties.

  2. Approval of the student's work to be registered to obtain a doctorate degree as well as the branch of specialization and also requires the consent of the employer to complete the student full discharge throughout the duration of the study.

  3. The student must submit an application including all the required documents in the name of  the Dean at any time during the academic year.

  4. To pass the English Language Proficiency Test (TOEFL) with a score of (500) or equivalent (IELET) in seven (7) grades.

  5. Approval of the relevant department council.

  6. Payment of the tuition fees before the start of the study or according to the specified time and announcement in the faculty and excludes from this condition the assistant lecturers and scholarship students.

Registration Policy:

  1. The candidate will select a research point identical to the research plan of the department and appoint a special supervisor by the department council.

  2. The applicant will formulate the research question. In the case of clinical studies, PEO, PICO and PECO will be selected and then prepare the research protocol. The SPIRIT Guideline are to be followed in randomized clinical studies. After approval of the protocol by the department council, it is sent to the committees of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee / Institutional Review Board.

  3. The protocol of the research shall be presented to the faculty Council and the registration date shall be considered as of the date of approval by the faculty Council.


Student is required to:

  1. Be devoted for studying the courses stipulated in this Regulation.

  2. The student should register a scientific thesis and prepare it in an innovative subject. This thesis shall be discussed after at least twenty months of protocol approval by the faculty council.

  3. Follow satisfactorily all the syllabuses provided (according to different specialties) and to achieve a full attendance and in special circumstances forceful excuses such as sickness excuses are accepted within 25%.

  4. Successfully pass all courses included in the credit hours system separately. The student must obtain 60 credit points for all majors. It is obtained through the study of specialized materials and electives.

  5. Fulfill satisfactorily all the requirements specified by the Board of each department and submitted in full in the log book to be evaluated by a special committee composed of the members of the department's board, which submits its report to the Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies. If the Log Book is approved, the student will have the full practical requirements (24%) of the final comprehensive examination.

  6. Publish an article based on the scientific thesis or systematic review article in an international scientific journal indexed in Scopus or Thomoson Reuters. The thesis allocates 60 credits.

Regulations for Progression and Program Completion:

Students are awarded the Ph.D. degree after:

  1. Successfully completing a minimum of 120 credit points (4 semesters).

  2. Passing grade for all courses (60%) and final exit exam (70%).

  3. Approval of the logbook that documents all the practical/clinical requirements.

  4. Defense of the thesis after a minimum of 20 months from the approval date of the research project by the Faculty Council. The Thesis stands for a total of 60 credit points.


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)

Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology (ORAD)

Prosthodontics (PRO)

Oral Medicine (OMED)

Periodontology (PER)

Fixed Prosthodontics (FPD)

Endodontics (ENDO)

Pedodontics (PEDO)

Dental Public Health & Community Dentistry (PUBH)

Orthodontics (ORTH)

Restorative & Esthetics Dentistry (OPER)

Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology (OP)

Oral Biology (OB)

Dental Biomaterials (DBM)


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