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September, 2008



Stress Analysis Study of Two Treatment Modalities Rehabilitating Distal Extension Cases with Few Remaining Natural Teeth.


Pages 373-393


Magdy Eid Mohammed El Sayed


Oral Hygiene Practice among Saudi Patients in Jeddah.


Pages 395-401


Hind Al-Johani


Current Infection Control Measures and Decontamination Pattern of Reused Stainless Steel Crowns and Bands among a Sample of Egyptian Dentists.


Pages 403-414


Fatma Ahmed Hamdy El Shehaby


Effect of Different Border Molding Materials on Complete Denture Retention.


Pages 415-420


Fardos N. Rizk


Electron Microscopic Study on the Effect of Diode Laser and Some Irrigants on Root Canal Dentinal Wall.


Pages 421-427


Mohamed Helmy El-Batanouny, Adel Mohey El-Din El-Khodery and Ahmed Abbas Zaky


Oral Health Status of Children Undergoing Haemodialysis in El-Fateh Children Hospital Benghazi - A Cross-Sectional Study.


Pages 429-436


Khadija Herwis and Kumar Raghav


Proper Timing of Bonding Composite Resin to Bleached Enamel.


Pages 437-446


Hanan K. A. El-Seoud Mohamed A. Ibrahim and R. Hafez


Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Two Newly Introduced Rotary Nickel Titanium Instruments in Shaping of Curved Root Canals.


Pages 447-456


Mohamed Abd El-Rahman El–Moghazy Soltan, Mohamed Mohamed Abd El-Azeem Elbyomi and Ghada Elhilaly Mohamed Eid


An In Vitro Assessment of the Marginal Leakage of Compomer, Amalgam and Bonded Amalgam Restoration.


Pages 457-461


Salah Eldin Mostafa Elbehery, Naguib Mahmoud Mostafa Aboul-Enein, Mohamed Sherif Mohamed Salah Eldin Hassan Farag and Wael Mahmoud Abd-El-Khalek


Microshear Bond Strength of a Self Etch Adhesive to Desensitized Dentin.


Pages 463-470

  M H Abi Elhassan, A K Sakr and M A Ibrahim


Impact of Hypercholesterolemia on the Periodontal Ligament and the Dento Gingival Junction of the Albino Rat (An Ultrastructural and Immunohistoch Emical Investigation).


Pages 471-488


Mervat M. Yossef, Laila S. Ghali and Abd El Naser H. El Refaei


Impact of Hypercholesterolemia on Dental Pulp of the Albino Rat (An Ultrastructural and Immunohistoch Emical Investigation).


Pages 489-502


Mervat M. Yossef, Laila S. Ghali and Abd El Naser H. El Refaei


The Efficacy of Acetaminophen-Caffeine for the Treatment of Posto perative Pain after Periodontal Surgery.


Pages 503-510


Weam A.M. Rashwan


Significance of the Use of Two Rotary Systems and Hand File in Endodontic Retreatment.


Pages 511-520


Manar Y Fouda


The Use of Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography for Evaluation of Free Autogenous Bone Graft in Mandibular Reconstruction.


Pages 521-530


Usama A. Dakrory, Sherif S. El Mofty, Basma G. Moussa and Ashraf M. Fawzy


Cephalometric Norms of Libyan Children in Mixed Dentition Phase.


Pages 531-535


Ali M. Eldaissy


Prosthetic Status and Needs of Saudi Geriatric Edentulous Patients in Jeddah.


Pages 537-543


Fahad H. Banasr


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