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September, 2009



Temporalis Muscle Reorientation as a New Surgery for Treatment of Recurrent Mandibular Dislocation.


Pages 317-322


Fawzy Tantaw Al-Sayed


The Influence of MTAD Irrigant on the Apical Microleakage of Obturated Root Canals.


Pages 323-328

  Mohamed M. Ibrahim, Naguib M. Abul Enein,, Abdalla M. Shahin and Amany E. Badr


Validity of Tridimensional CT Study of Maxillary Sinus Reconstruction in Potential Implant Site.


Pages 329-336


Iman Dakhli, Zeinab Abdelsalam, Durria Salem and Gihan Omar


The Effect of Platelet Releasate in Conjunction with Collagen Membrane in the Treatment of Recession Defects.


Pages 337-343


Abdul Maguid R.F, Al-Refai M, Ezz Elarab A, Abou El-Fadl K and Shaker O


Effect of Chromium Interlayer on the Shear Bond Strength and Surface Roughness for Titanium-Porcelain Bonding.


Pages 345-352


Shaymaa E. Elsaka, Ibrahim M. Hamouda, Yehia A. Elewady, Ossama B. Abouelatta and Michael V. Swain


A Comparative Study of the Sealing Ability of Different Root End-Filling Materials: An in Vitro Study.


Pages 353-359


El Aasser M., Diab A. and El Bagdady Y.


Biocompatibility and Corrosive Resistance- A Review.


Pages 361-365


Rajesh Vyas, Moftah Ali Issaid and Badr. A. Idris


A Comparative Study of Deformation and Fracture of Two Rotary Nikel Titanium Instruments after Simulated Clinical Use (In vitro).


Pages 367-374


El-Maghraby D., Fawzy M. and Nour El-Deen M.


Bone Height Changes around Immediately Loaded Implants Splinted With Prefabricated Bar Attachment for Mandibular Overdentures.


Pages 375-386


Mohammed M. Fouad and Salah Af Hegazy


Effect of Bone Borne Transpalatal Distractor on Both Collapsed Maxilla and Maxillary AirSinus.


Pages 387-395


Wael Ahmad Elmohandes and Mohamed Foda


Microleakage and Surface Hardness of Resin Based Restorative Materials Cured With LED and QTH Curing Units.


Pages 397-405


Husn A. jazar, El Sayed G. Eid, Salah H. Mahmoud and Ahmed M. Hassan


The Effect of Polylactic Acid and Polyglycolic Acid on the Healing of Bony Defect.


Pages 407-413


Yousef Ahmed Elmansi, Hussein Mohamed El Tanany and Ihab Basouiny


Synergistic Caries Inhibitory Effect of a Rematerializing Agent and CO2 Laser on Human Enamel and Root Dentin.


Pages 415-424


Maha Ahmed Niazy and Ehab Saeed Abdul-Hamid


Fracture Load of Two CAD/CAM Ceramic Veneers with Different Preparation Designs.


Pages 425-432


Douaa khatib, Hesham Katamish and Atef Shaker Ibrahim


The Role of Adhesive Systems and Dentin Desensitizers in Altering the Permeability of Human dentin.


Pages 433-442


Maha Ahmed Niazy and Wael Essam Jamil


The Effect of Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor on Bond Durability of Resin Composite and Giomer Restorations to Dentin (In-Vivo Study).


Pages 443-447


Shereen H. Ibrahim, Mona I. Riad, Mohamed M. Shokry and Dina W. El Kassas


Effect of Dental Bleaching on Caries Resistance of Human Enamel (In Vitro Study).


Pages 449-455


Hebatallah A. Mahmoud, Dalia M. Abu Elmagd and Inas A. El Ghandour


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